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2023 Who's Who Recipient USA Artificial Intelligence/Human Fusion

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Dr. Marty trevino

Chief Scientist





211 N. Ervay St.  Suite 106

Dallas, TX 752001

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2023 LA Tech Week Plenary Speaker-  Artificial Intelligence/Human Fusion

A Bit About Me

I'm a Cognitive Neuroscientist & Technologist specializing in Human/AI Fusion and Next Generation Visual Analytics.  I am a strategic partner to several firms developing new models of Human/AI complementarity, Neuroscience based Visual Interfaces, and vetting Tech startups for a VC Investor family.  I write scientific and technical articles for senior executives and invest in various companies in both 'sweat' and equity.  I engage firms both at the executive level and in hands-on team participation.  My Uniqueness is in a human-centric, cognitive neuroscience-based approach to the challenge of data-driven decision-making and mating of humans/technology/AI for defined outcomes such as Innovation, Problem-Solving, Performance, and Productivity. 

Before my life as a Chief Scientist & Technical Advisor, I was a United States Cyber Spy for the National Security Agency (NSA) of the United States. I served as direct combat support in three wars (Global War on Terror, Iraq, and Afghanistan), as senior technical director of Mission Analytics, and as co-author for multiple years of the Information Assurance Strategy.  Before my national service, I worked for a major consulting firm where I had the privilege of seeing multiple types of businesses and diverse teams of awesome people. 

I have been published numerous times, given plenary presentations, and participated in panels, but I enjoy one-on-one deep-thinking conversations the most.  I talk to anyone, and if you have questions or a point to discuss, please email me or find me on LinkedIn and reach out to me; I live to explore.

Work Experience

Aug 2017 - Current

July 2000 - Aug 2017

January 1993 - June 2000

Senior Scientific & Technical Advisor / Chief Scientist - Cognitive Neuroscience.  Advanced models of Human/AI complementarity from a neuroscience lens; advanced visual analytics for data-driven decision-making.

United States Cyber Spy, National Security Agency (NSA)  Cyber Warfare, Information Assurance Strategy, Advanced Analytics. Direct Combat Support.

Consulting Firm, Visual Analytics, Optimization, and Human/Computer Interaction from a Human Centric, Cognitive Neuroscience Lens. 

Let's Get

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